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Policy Agenda: Issues
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Nurse Letty Aims to Tackle Issues & Political Concerns

Health Care

Reproductive Autonomy & Rights

  • Women have the right to make their own decisions on birth control, pregnancy, and abortion

  • Right to equality and non-discrimination

  • Right to privacy, health care accessibility and equity

Primary/Preventive Care

  • Health promotion of mental health care, educational programs, and lifestyle changes

  • Everyone in need of medical care should all have access to health care


  • Push for a clear transition and information on mask mandate and pandemic protocols

  • Simplify access to booster vaccines and improve testing accessibility 

  • Provide more oversight for pop-up clinics, testing sites and lab results

Fair Wages & Equitable Contracts 

Support and advocate for:

  • Workers' rights, better wages, and safer practices in the workplace

  • Equitable retirement packages and pensions

  • Health care coverage, maternity and paternity leave

Educate women-owned and minority-owned businesses to:

  • Be rightfully considered and awarded contracts across Cook County

  • Become knowledgeable on the process to certify their business with the Cook County Office of Contract Compliance


Representation in Policy Making


  • It is necessary for nurses to be included and given the opportunity to provide much-needed insight for policies that affect everyone


  • Gender balance in local governance is crucial in areas that focus on the family, children, and social affairs

Ethno-racial Diversity

  •  Leaders should reflect the demographics of the towns they represent to fully understand, empathize and better serve the needs of its constituents

  •  Heritage awareness initiatives are crucial in local government for our continued education on diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Cook County’s Black History month initiative will continue to be supported

Other Issues

Public Safety and Policing

  • Support the safety and well-being of all people, our residents and our officers

  •  Communication with local law enforcement agencies and constituents MUST improve to ensure that building strong relationships and unity with our communities 


  • Stand on the side of justice!

  • Committed to racial justice and believe in empowering our African-American/Black residents 

  • Committed to listening to the African-American/Black residents in our communities to advocate for their rights

Immigrant Rights

  • Committed to empower our Latino/Latinx/Hispanic population

  • Continue to work diligently to assist and improve the lives of the underserved residents

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