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Letty Garcia is a registered nurse, humanitarian, activist, community leader, prochoice feminist and a lifetime trustworthy Democrat

Nurse Letty is a humanitarian, 
​activist, community leader, prochoice feminist, and lifetime trustworthy Democrat.

About Nurse Letty

I am a Latina nurse; a pro-choice, women's rights advocate, and trustworthy democrat. I stand up for, volunteer, and advocate for women and their families in domestic violence, foster children, and teens. 

Over the last ten years, I have volunteered, coordinated, and collaborated on events that serve our community, whether it's sitting on boards making executive decisions, making phone calls to pass the dream act, cleaning up parks and streets, hosting events to serve our homeless communities, hand-delivering masks and food at the beginning of the covid pandemic, among many others. Through my actions, I have demonstrated my passion and devotion to serve my community. 

Your vote on June 28th as your next 16th District Cook County Commissioner will allow me to continue to serve and further impact our community's needs. I will prioritize health care, fair wages & workers’ rights, and immigrant rights.

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